Relationships. Ideas. Execution.


In a direct line of communication with AltaCorp's Equity Research arm, the Institutional Sales & Trading Team merges technical expertise and value-added insight with superior execution skills.

The AltaCorp Sales & Trading Team based in both Toronto and Calgary, possess extensive experience in both national and global trading markets and long-standing relationships with institutional clients. Flawless execution in trading securities, and relevant and timely placing of new offers/issues ensures AltaCorp's institutional clients are able to capitalize on investment opportunities.

With superior execution in institutional block trading, and an industry leading technical platform, AltaCorp is a leading trader on equities and enables companies access to top quality institutional accounts across the globe. AltaCorp has a global institutional client base including mutual funds, pension funds, money managers, hedge funds and endowments.

AltaCorp is Broker/Dealer #03 on the Toronto Stock Exchange.