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Regulatory Disclosure

Research provided on this website is made available in accordance with applicable securities laws and only in jurisdictions where the securities discussed may be lawfully offered for sale.

Rule 3400 of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and Rule 2711 of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), in the United States require certain disclosures to be provided in research reports. The disclosures on research reports found on this website and distributed by AltaCorp Capital and its U.S. affiliate AltaCorp Capital (USA) are in line with these regulations.

Dissemination of Research

Client and potential clients can contact AltaCorp Capital to request access to our research. Clients may request to receive research via hard copy, electronically (email), or website access (password protected). Clients will have the option of receiving all research or only on those sectors / companies of interest to them.

Rating System

AltaCorp’s rating system reflects our outlook for expected performance of an issuer’s equity securities relative to its peer group over the next 12 months.

Outperform (Buy)
An Outperform (Buy) rating represents a security expected to provide a return greater than the peer group average.

Sector Perform (Hold)
A Sector Perform (Hold) rating represents a security expected to provide a return in line with the peer group average.

Underperform (Sell)
An Underperform (Sell) rating represents a security expected to provide a return less than the peer group.

Speculative Buy
A Speculative rating represents a security where the return potential is high, but the risk of a significant loss is material.

A Tender rating represents a security where investors are guided to tender to the terms of the takeover offer.

Disclosures for Recent Publications

Below are the links to AltaCorp Capital Inc.’s regulatory disclosures by sector. If you require more information or archived information, please email us at


Sector Q&A Disclosures (PDF)
Exploration & Production E&P Q&A Disclosures
Oilfield Services OFS Q&A Disclosures
Diversified Industries DI Q&A Disclosures