Integrated. Responsive. Effective.


AltaCorp’s Acquisitions & Divestitures team creates a unique bridge between industry expertise and relevant strategic insight. Directly partnered with Investment Banking, AltaCorp’s A&D team offers custom solutions based on extensive market knowledge which capitalize on opportunity and maximize value.

Acquisitions and divestitures strategies require an integrated approach to financial and capital markets, balanced with a comprehensive understanding of the technical attributes of the asset. Comprised of professional engineers and geologists with substantial exploration and production industry experience, the AltaCorp A&D team has acted in an extensive range of asset and corporate transactions exceeding $25 billion. AltaCorp’s approach to A&D is:

-              Analytical
-              Adaptable
-              Responsive
-              Efficient
-              Integrated

AltaCorp’s fit-for-purpose approach creates results that benefit all parties in M&A transactions, in maximizing value and efficiency for both acquirers and vendors.

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